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Medical Mission to Honduras - Garifuna Community Health

Honduras Community Health

The Birthing Project is partnering with CHIMES (a California based, grassroots effort to build a clinic for the first Cuban trained Garifuna doctors to provide health care to the Garifuna community) and PINCC (a NGO providing cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment) to improve the health of the Garifuna women and their families.  The Garifunas are the descendents of the Africans who refused to be enslaved by the Spanish or to fight for the British.  We are supporting Garifuna midwives with supplies, medicines and continuing education.  In return, they will be sharing their traditional methods, including herbal medicines with us.  

The Honduras Birthing Project is bringing together midwives and community women to support women through their pregnancies and babies’ first year of life.  The delegation activities include: manual labor to build the clinic, providing or assisting with women’s health and self care (breast exams, etc.) massage therapy, distributing eye glasses, medicine and other items and teaching midwifery and doula care.  We are also looking for pediatric practioners.

Dates: TBA
Costs will be approximately $1500, inclusive of roundtrip airfare from the US,
lodging, food and ground transportation. 
Come with us to experience another way of practicing medicine and promoting
community health. Consider taking a working vacation.

 For more information or to apply, e-mail .

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