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An International Organization & Resource Center for improving birth outcomes for women of color.
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AYZH SisterFriend SAFE Birth Kits

Your Opportunity of a Lifetime...
Save a Woman's Life... Really!
Your opportunity to save a woman's life, really!

Every two minutes, 60 women die giving birth for
lack of access to safe birth supplies.

Birthing Project USA has joined with  Zubaida Bey (AYZH),  a young  social entrepreneur who has developed an affordable, SAFE BIRTH KIT.  We are using our Birthing Project Model of giving  ourselves permission  and a vehicle to care for each give women the opportunity to purchase kits for their sisters in Africa and Latin America.

We see a future where no woman has to die
giving birth for a lack of access to 
$5.00 worth of supplies.

Birthing Project USA Safe Birthing Kits

THANK YOU for caring!

Because of YOU we have reached our 2013 Campaign Goal of sponsoring 2500 Safe Birth Kits!

AYZH SisterFriend
SAFE Birth Kit

· A clean pad to give birth on
· Medicinal Soap for the birth attendant
· Gloves to prevent the spread of infection
· A  sterile blade to cut the umbilical cord
· And a clamp to secure the baby’s cord.

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Monthly Subscription Donation

Thank You to our
             Sheroes and Heroes
                       for sponsoring 2500 Safe Birth Kits!

Laureen Adams,  Elsie Adams, Ayanna Ade, Adeola Adeseun, Chinoma Agbahime, Pamela Akametalu, Sherona Alexis, Maria Elena Alvarez, Bettye Andrews Delarge, Janine Arseneau, Alvera Baker, Tamp Baker McCue, Linda Baker McGary, Anamarie Ballan, Toya Banks, Rebecca Banks, Stephanie Barksdale, Copeland Barnes, Jacquelyn Bates, Kelly Batiste, Artelia Bennett, Trenisha Berry, Sondra Borne, Tracey Braden, Eric Braham, Christinta Braud, Milicent Bright, Janice Briscoe, Nan Broadus, Rose Brundage, Teonia Burton, Joycelyn Butler, Sharon Cannon, Frankie J Carmichael, Vera Chapman Seals, Cheryl Chatman, Barbara Cheatham, Shannon Cooper Sims, Jane Correia, Hester Cottles, Nia Cottles Adams, June Cravenn, Rosalynn Crawford-McKendall, Linda Curtis, Susan Czubiak, Camille Dantzler, Brenda Davidson Jones, Nia Davis, Renee Davis, Deloris Deemer, Alisa Del Tufo, Kavita Desai, Nikia Dillard, Linda Doughty-White, Nerida Duncan, Selma Durdin, Trudi Dyer, Migel Elizabeth Elie, Dr. G. M. Elie, Shawne Favre, Nell Forge, Muneera Fountaine, Denise Foxworth, Akua FS, Gayle Galang, Erika Gothberg, Iola Graves, Consuella Green, Susan Ann Gust, Kathryn Hall-Trujillo, Cheryl Harne, Carolyn Harris, Johnnie Harris, Janis Hayes-Mitchell, Christen Hebrard, Allegra Hill, Andrea Hill, Jacqueline Hill Banks, Paula Hopkins Young, Brandi Howard, Leslie Howard, Myesha/Jaiya Howze, Naomi Inaba, Beth Inabinett, Folami Irvine, Jonetta Jackson, Darlene Jarrell, Jolene Jeff, Florence Jeff, Z. M. Jefferson, Monica Johnson, Robin Johnson, Catrice Johnson, Shenell Johnson, Natasha Johnson, Evangeline Jones, Kendra Jones Morris, Clyde Jones Pinon, Dione Joseph-Breckenridge, Jibrin Kama, Basmah Karriem, Monica Kelley, Jean Kennedy, Erin King, Lisa Krienbrook, Kym Kuzmic, Georgina L. M. Ortega, Jacqueline Langi, Marina LaRiva, Moira Laughlin, Alicia Leal Puerta, Karen Levy, Diane Littlefield, Angela Louie Howard, Angele Marandet, Gloria Marcell, Tashel Martin, Teelye Matthews, Margaret McCurry, Karen Midlo, Joey Nolfo, Atalanti Moquette, Juilana Moses, Kimberly Murray, Spectra Myers, Tresa Northington, Jonathan Odell, Vicki Olson, Elizabeth and Earl Owen, Kermit Payne, Rhodesia Perine, Ola Perry, Zola Pickett, Iresha Picot, Rayisha Pinto, Sandra Ramos, Carla Reed, Laurie Roberts, Carolyn Robinson, Gaybriel Rockett, Myrtle Romsy Minor, Janet Rousell Jackson, Susan Rusk, Candance, Russell, Thomas Santilla, Cassandra Scott, Angela Scott, Linda Seagraves, Sarpoma Sefa-Boakye, Hiba Sharif, Karen Sidlow, Rhonda Smith, Raven Smith-Lee, Carolyn Spruille, Shirley Stampley, Jessica Standish, Harley and Esther Stanford Winer/Blanche Dejong, Jonathan Starks, Danielle Stewart, Betty Stewart, Gabriel Strachota, Whilimena Stroughter, Courtney Stumm, Dionne Thomas, Alice Thomas Stiward, Jennifer Thompson, Tezella Tina Roberts, Patrice Tyson, Lucinda Vigil, James/Jonathan Warren Kuether/Odell, Tammy Washington, Geraldine Washington, Margret Washington, Rita Weary, Alissa White, Kenitha Williams, Cynthia Williams, Stephanie Zirkin, Birthing Hands of DC, L.L.C, Doula Love’s Creation, Fidelity Charitable, Glendale Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Integrated Energy Balancing, Stacey Morton and Associates, The Community Birth Center, Women’s Worldwide Web, and all of our anonymous donors


Birthing Project USA which provides support, supplies and education to women and their caregivers globally has partnered with AYZH who employs community women making SAFE BIRTH KITS...
For the price of a cup of designer coffee you can make sure that every woman who needs a KIT has one…

Will you join us in keeping this promise?
You can sponsor  an AYZH SisterFriend SAFE BIRTH KIT for $5.00 usd. 

Join our team!  We are accepting applications for 50 SisterFriend Safe Birth Kit Ambassadors who will commit to sponsoring 100 Safe Birth Kits by sharing this opportunity with family, friends, church, club sisters, everyone!                                                             

Contact us at:

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