Birthing Project USA
Birthing Project USA
"T h e   U n d e r g r o u n d   R a i l r o a d   f o r   N e w   L i f e"

Birthing Project USA is a global resource center that works to improve women’s health and birth outcomes through SisterFriending™, education, community collaboration and capacity building. Birthing Project USA color bar


We envision a world in which we have the freedom to define ourselves, birth our babies, and live our healthiest lives.

Our Mission: To improve women’s health and birth outcomes through SisterFriending™, education, community collaboration and capacity building

Our Story: BPUSA was founded in 1988 by Ashoka Fellow Kathryn Hall-Trujillo (affectionately called “Mama Katt”). Mama Katt left her job as state-level public health administrator to help communities have healthier babies – one SisterFriend volunteer and one mom at a time. Born a grassroots volunteer movement to decrease infant and maternal mortality, BPUSA has grown into a volunteer-led global resource center training and supporting local SisterFriends projects and BPUSA student chapters across the United States, and partnering with ayzh and Women’s Worldwide Web to provide safe birth kits to sister communities around the world.

Angel For Babies - Birthing Project USA mobilizes to support mothers, babies, and families after natural disasters, like recent hurricanes. To sponsor, host, or donate to an Angels for Babies Baby Shower, email

2018 Annual Conference

Birthing Project USA is sponsored by W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Ashoka and other concerned organizations and individuals. Tax ID# 80-0228391


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I am my sister’s sister
Birthing Project USA inspires, grows and nurtures a culture of SisterFriending™ through education, training, and community and organizational capacity building. BPUSA works with individuals, groups, organizations, colleges, universities, hospitals and health departments to promote SisterFriending™ as a strategy to improve maternal and infant health. SisterFriending™ is a volunteer movement that pairs pregnant moms with SisterFriend volunteers to provide practical and social support through pregnancy, labor and delivery and baby’s first year.



Sisterhood is global
Birthing Project USA and BPUSA student chapters across the country partner with Women’s World Wide Web (W4) and Zubaida Bai of ayzh to deliver low cost safe birth kits to our sisters around the world.


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Birthing Project USA
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